We’re endometriosis specialists here to help you find relief.

We work with our clients on cooling inflammation and supporting the gut. We help you feel better with less endo pain. 

Supporting gut health and balancing your minerals is the missing piece to endo health.

Your Path to Healing Endometriosis Pain

01 Evaluate + Smart Testing

We want to know everything about you. Your medical history, labs, diagnostic tests, medications, supplements, digestion, hormone function, how much sunshine you get and even things that bring you joy. 

02 Address + Implement 

We continue to gather more information, make recommendations for foundational health this includes nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements if appropriate. We customize your treatment plan based on your needs, HTMA testing and make these actionable and doable.  We’ll discuss further testing if warranted like (DUTCH hormone test or GI-Map stool test) and make referrals as needed. 

03 Transform + Maintain 

By now these pesky symptoms are starting to abate and you are starting to feel better. You have a clear understanding of your hormones; you know what works for your body. We’ll continue to adapt and adjust your plan as needed.  Then we’ll wrap up with an end-of-program review, so you have confidence and skills to continue with healing. 

Unlock the Power of Whole Health Management with our Endometriosis Specialists

Endometriosis doesn’t just impact one aspect of your health; it’s a complex condition that demands a holistic approach. That’s where our comprehensive management comes in, blending traditional practices with modern insights. We don’t just aim to ease your symptoms—we strive for total health empowerment. By focusing on nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and personalized supplement strategies, we guide you towards reclaiming control over your endo journey.

As you progress, we fine-tune your plan, ensuring it evolves with your changing health needs. This isn’t just about coping—it’s about thriving. With us, you’ll not only manage your endometriosis; you’ll unlock the power to live your fullest life.

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Depending on goals, our program runs between 4-6 months. Do you have the time and emotional bandwidth to commit to this time frame?
Our individualized approach has resulted in life-changing results. We have helped our clients through perimenopause, PCOS, endometriosis and general hormone balance. We work with our clients 4-6 months. However, it requires both an emotional and financial investment from you. How ready are you to invest in improving your health right now? *Our 1:1 programs include specialized lab testing, require a minimum of 4 months and cost between $2000 - $3,500. We do NOT take insurance but offer flexible payment plans. We DO take FSA/HSAs.