Menopause specialists helping you minimize symptoms.

Feeling sweaty at night? Heavy periods? Can’t remember a damn thing? Weight gain? Mood swings?

If you are entering your 40s (or even late 30s) chances are you may be experiencing the early stages of perimenopause. You are not imagining things; something is changing in your body. This change is not a singular event but a sequence of events.

Your Path to Surviving Menopause

01 Evaluate + Smart Testing

We want to know everything about you. Your medical history, labs, diagnostic tests, medications, supplements, digestion, hormone function, how much sunshine you get and even things that bring you joy. 

02 Address + Implement 

We continue to gather more information, make recommendations for foundational health this includes nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements if appropriate. We customize your treatment plan based on your needs, HTMA testing and make these actionable and doable.  We’ll discuss further testing if warranted like (DUTCH hormone test or GI-Map stool test) and make referrals as needed. 

03 Transform + Maintain 

By now these pesky symptoms are starting to abate and you are starting to feel better. You have a clear understanding of your hormones; you know what works for your body. We’ll continue to adapt and adjust your plan as needed.  Then we’ll wrap up with an end-of-program review, so you have confidence and skills to continue with healing. 

When I was referred to Margot by a friend, I was at the end of my rapidly burning rope. My body was fighting me. I could not digest food. I had a very hard time sleeping and lived with constant brain fog. Margot and I worked together, in collaboration, which was a new approach to me, and I loved it. We spent months together at first, healing my gut, calming my anti-inflammatory issues, and getting to the bottom of what was causing my issues. We accomplished all that and more. Margot’s approach to holistic wellness is honestly what an autoimmune patient’s dreams are made of. I am currently in perimenopause and have gotten so much great knowledge and care from Margot during this time where my body is pivoting into a new season. I appreciate the care and time Margot has put into helping me get well, live a better life and understand how my body functions through nutrition and supplements. I am now feeling better than ever and will forever be grateful to Margot!

– Holly G.

Start Your Tailored Support Plan Today With Our Menopause Specialists

In the midst of menopause’s ebb and flow, finding solid ground can feel elusive. That’s where we step in. Our comprehensive approach isn’t just about quelling symptoms—it’s about understanding and adapting to your body’s new rhythm. With a blend of science-backed strategies and personalized care, we’re here to ensure the transition through menopause is not a time of loss, but a gain in health and happiness.

Whether it’s through nuanced nutritional guidance, lifestyle tweaks, or supportive supplements, we’re dedicated to crafting a plan that resonates with your unique needs.

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Our individualized approach has resulted in life-changing results. We have helped our clients through perimenopause, PCOS, endometriosis and general hormone balance. We work with our clients 4-6 months. However, it requires both an emotional and financial investment from you. How ready are you to invest in improving your health right now? *Our 1:1 programs include specialized lab testing, require a minimum of 4 months and cost between $2000 - $3,500. We do NOT take insurance but offer flexible payment plans. We DO take FSA/HSAs.